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Escape To Your Own Backyard!

Escape To Your Own Backyard!This back yard lacked charm and inspiration when our client moved in. They desired a backyard entertaining and family gathering area to enjoy gardening and quality time with their grand kids.

Desires included a fire pit, outdoor dining area and room for grilling and generous seating. Surrounding gardens with perennials to attract hummingbirds and butterflies were requested to share the wonders of nature with their grand children. Proper drainage were important considerations next to the house and care need to be taken to add to an existing drainage system. The existing irrigation system need to be updated for the new gardens and to keep the landscaping and lawn properly watered when the clients away from home.

A new outdoor lighting system was recommended to extend the hours of use enjoyment well beyond the dusk hours of the day. The solid brass fixtures accent the hardscapes elegantly, even when viewing the back yard from inside the home in the evening. A stone path way was laid to add a subtle and informal entryway to welcome guests the patio entertaining area from the front yard. The custom pergola was by far the clients best idea and we designed and installed one wide enough to add a beautiful swing seat that was an instant hit with the grand kids! Mission accomplished!

  • Service: Lighting, Landscaping, Pavers, Hardscaping, Landscape Lighting
  • Products: Eagle Bay / Belgard Pavers
  • Location: Virginia Beach
  • Budget: $20,000 – $30,000

Before & After Photos of Our Backyard in Virginia Beach

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