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Our Warranty

We back what we do

First year warranty on landscapes installed by Winesett Nursery & Landscaping:

  • Winesett Nursery & Landscaping installations come with a one year/ one-time free replacement warranty on most plants supplied by us with reasonable care taken by the owner. Palms will carry a 90-day warranty as many varieties can receive winter damage if not wrapped.
  • We reserve the right to void the warranty if plant loss occurs due to breakage, fire, theft or severe weather conditions not typical to the area. Winesett Nursery & Landscaping also offers a discount on the original purchase, should the customer wish to pick up and plant their own free replacement plants the first year.


After the first year, Lifetime Warranty on trees and shrubs installed by Winesett Nursery & Landscaping (Effective on installations after January 1, 2010.)

Note: Installations prior to 2010 can opt in to this warranty after necessary replacements are made.

  • Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for as long as you own the home, on all trees, and shrubs supplied and installed by Winesett Nursery & Landscaping on all Landscapes over $1,900 when you have Winesett Nursery & Landscaping do a yearly clean-up (including re-edging, re-mulching, pruning and fertilizing). Note: we offer a 20% discount on Full Clean-ups booked in January or August & a 15% discount if booked in February or July. Note; Palms are not included in this warranty.


The Lifetime Warranty covers the plants, and labor as long as the replacements are planted during the scheduled clean-up. Clean-ups must be scheduled yearly in order to maintain the lifetime warranty.

If you wish to have plants replaced between clean-ups you may:

  1. Bring the dead plant or picture of it to the nursery for a free replacement plant.
  2. Pay the labor and trip charge only and Winesett Nursery will install the replacement plant for you.

Perennials, grasses, and roses are not covered under the Lifetime Warranty; however, we will waive the installation fee if replacements plants are planted at the time of the clean-up.

In some cases, a tree or shrub planted for years may die. The lifetime warranty will only cover the cost of the original size purchased. Customer can agree to pay the difference to install a larger tree or shrub if available. Winesett Nursery & Landscaping reserves the right to charge for the removal of large dead trees or shrubs.

This warranty only covers plants that have died. Winesett Nursery & Landscaping reserves the right to void the warranty if plant loss occurs due to breakage, fire, theft, flooding, untreated insect infestations, or severe weather conditions not typical to the area.

To learn more about Winesett Nursery and Landscaping’s warranty on landscape installations and more, please call 757-426-7880 or complete our online request form.

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